Finland's best domains for sale

These intuitive and informative domain names are the ideal domains for Finland, a leading IT economy, which has recently been ranked as the most competitive market and best business environment in the world.

You have the B-2-C business idea. We have prime virtual real estate. With these domains you can get a strong foothold in Finland and begin to take advantage of this lucrative market.

You can do any of the following:

  • purchase one or all of these domains
  • rent one or all of these domains
  • purchase rights to the current content on these websites (three out of five are in the making)
  • buy consulting services to develop your business idea and business plan tailored to the Finnish market

Corresponding English-language sites would cost you millions of dollars or euros. These Finnish .info domains are VIP seats at a bargain price; the audience is much smaller than in the English-speaking world, but more focused. Get your ticket to a highly promising market.



Published on 2001-10-30, last update on 2001-10-31