Finland's best domains for sale

Finland has recently been ranked as the most competitive economy and most promising business environment in the world, according to the annual study by Harvard University.

Finland is also one of the leading economies to take advantage of the Internet. Out of a population of 5.2 million, about 2.1 million use the Internet at least once a week. About 17 % of Finland's Internet users also shop on the Internet. This figure is rising rapidly; almost one third of all adult Finns intend to shop on the Net during the next 12 months.

Holidays and Leisure Travel is currently the third most popular online shopping category in Finland. According to audience research, consumers however regard it as the most appealing product on the Internet, so travel (matkailu) sales are bound to surpass books, fashion and music as the most wanted item in virtual shopping carts. Now, if only you had that domain...

Finns also know how to manage their assets on the Internet. Finland is home to the most successful online bank in the world. An equivalent to,, might not be such a bad idea...

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Published on 2001-10-30, last update on 2001-10-31