Finland's best domains for sale

This excellent new top-level domain .info has been authorized by ICANN, which guarantees that info domains are and will remain universally accessible unlike some other new domains on the market.

Info domains are registered by Afilias. On their website you find the Whois service, which enables you to check the availability and ownership of all .info domains. For instance, type "matkailu" (travel in Finnish), and you will see that it has been registered by Mika Makelainen, who is the person to contact, should you want to purchase the domain name.

Info domains offer excellent business opportunities worldwide. In much of the world, .com domains are perceived as American domains, and are not the ideal choice for making business in other countries. On the contrary, .info is easy to remember, has a universal appeal and a very positive connotation.

Search engines easily direct Internet users first to .info sites as users search for "info" on any particular subject. And many more will come directly to you by intuitively typing your domain name. Info domains are very likely to attract these spontanious visitors, who are your most valuable customers.

However, as is the case with any domains, pay attention to the quality of the domain name which you are interested in. In real estate, location is everything. The same goes for the domain real estate market. The very best addresses are extremely valuable, while most are junk - as more second-class domains can always be created easily.

We have carefully selected only the very best domain names that are generic in nature and have high brandability, marketability and memorability. We have also taken care not to infringe upon the intellectual property rights of others.

Read more about the business possibilities of .info from Afilias.



Published on 2001-10-30, last update on 2001-10-30