As we all unfortunately know, copyright in the 'Net is a rather complicated issue. However, to protect the intellectual rights of the content of this domain, this page is necessary.

All content unless otherwise mentioned (text, graphics, photos, programs etc) and design of the website is copyrighted and cannot be used, modified or distributed in any way without prior permission from the author. Linking of the photos outside this website is forbidden - you can, however, link to any page you desire.

To determine the right person to contact, refer to the URL of the page, picture or program at hand. The content at and below the following URL is copyrighted by Mika Mäkeläinen:


Content under the following URL is copyrighted by Sarita Mäkeläinen.


ALL other content is, unless otherwise mentioned, copyrighted by Sami Mäkeläinen.. Should you want to use a photo, quote the text or in any way incorporate any of the content, design or functionality of this site to your own or any other production of any kind, please contact the appropriate person for a permission.

Some pages contain itemes copyrighted by person(s) other than mentioned above. These are marked and used with permission from the author. If you want to use any of these, please contact the author of the appropriate item directly.

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